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Roan Jansen

Roan Jansen – HSEQ Coordinator

Energetic, eager to learn and with a clear goal in mind. That’s Roan Jansen (24), HSEQ Coordinator at Chane Terminal Pernis since 2022. His responsibilities include the safety management system. For instance, internal and external audits, security policy and advising on safety issues.

A terminal for go-getters

When Roan applied for a job over a year and a half ago, it quickly became clear that he liked the way Chane works. Roan: “CTP really is a terminal for go-getters. I like that.” This, together with the short lines of communication and freedom, make Roan feel right at home. “If I have ideas or want to try something, I can go straight to my supervisor. He can then discuss it quite easily or he refers me to the right person, and then it’s settled in no time.”

Opportunity to learn

Even though he has worked there for a relatively short time, Roan has not been sitting still. “Continuing to learn and develop is very important to me, and I’m glad I get the opportunity to do so.” By now, he has already completed a course on food safety and a Port Facility Security Officer training. “Currently I am doing the Higher Security Studies course. I am very grateful that this is encouraged at Chane.”

Three generations at the terminal

The Jansen family is no stranger to the terminal. Roan’s grandfather Cees worked at CTP almost his entire life until sixteen years ago. Roan, his father and his grandfather have all spent time there. “So you could say Chane runs through our family’s veins.” So the idea of visiting his old workplace with Grandpa was born. “He could still remember almost everything, right down to the tank numbers.” This fun adventure would actually last an hour, but soon Grandpa Cees had spotted several former colleagues and the hours flew by. Many still had anecdotes about “Red Cees”. “One colleague even had some photo books ready with my grandfather still in them,” Roan recounts. It was very obvious that Chane has changed and improved a lot in all these years, especially when it comes to safety. For example, grandpa Cees “suddenly” had to wear a helmet, gloves and safety glasses. “I had to chuckle at that, because he thought he could just step onto the site,” Roan adds, laughing.

“Chane runs through our family’s veins”

Looking to the future

Looking further ahead, Roan definitely sees himself staying at Chane. In his current role, he is primarily concerned with the Health and Safety aspects of HSEQ. “I would like to broaden and learn more about the Environment and Quality pieces within my role. In five years I want to have gained sufficient knowledge and experience, through education, training but most of all by learning from my colleagues.”

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