Our first priority

At Chane, we know that maintaining a high standard of safety is an active and continuous process. Beyond rigorously adhering to all local and international rules and regulations, we work together with our customers, partners and industry peers to stimulate awareness and create a shared culture of safety.

Together, as a team, we work to identify, eliminate, reduce and manage any safety, environmental and health risks associated with our activities. For our customers, our colleagues and our neighbours and communities.

Safety essentials

Our approach to personal safety

We want to ensure that our people have everything they need to work safely at the start of their day, and that they can return home in good health at the end of it. Our standard for safety is reflected in our Safety Essentials. These ten key rules serve as a continuous reminder of the importance of safe working habits at all Chane terminals across Europe. We encourage our people to use their skills, knowledge and training to maintain a safe, healthy and secure work environment.

Process safety

Continuously minimising risk

Our process safety approach ensures the integrity of our systems and processes handling hazardous substances. We identify risks and review operational practices to maintain safety. Through activities such as inspection, maintenance and testing of equipment and continuous training of staff, we strive to continuously improve our process safety performance.We keep learning and progressing, identifying, eliminating and minimising risk wherever possible.

Chane Le Havre

Our responsibility

Respecting the environment

Environmental responsibility is something we take seriously. We implement our environmental policy through effective governance and compliance with regulations. We prioritise responsible energy use and environmental awareness, taking measures to limit energy consumption, improve environmental emissions, reduce waste and be a respectful neighbour.

Chane Safety Essentials

Our Safety Essentials are fundamental guidelines designed to ensure safe behaviour and prevent accidents in various environments, including terminal storage facilities and office settings. These principles serve as a comprehensive framework for promoting safety awareness and proactive measures to prevent injuries and incidents.

Bypassing safety controls
Obtain authorization 
before overriding or 
disabling safety controls

Keep yourself and others 
out of the line of fire

Confined space
Obtain authorization 
before entering a 
confined space

Personal Protective Equipment
Wear appropriate 
personal protective 
equipment (PPE)

Follow safe driving rules

Safe mechanical lifting
Plan lifting operations 
and control the area

Energy isolation
Verify isolation and 
zero energy before 
work begins

Work authorization
Work with a valid 
permit when required

Hot work
Control flammables 
and ignition sources

Working at height
Protect yourself 
against a fall when 
working at height

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