Chane Terminal Liverpool

Rapid expansion of renewable storage

Chane strengthens its role in the energy transition with expansion of renewable storage tanks in Liverpool. As a major player, Chane knows that it can and must make a major contribution to the energy transition process. Staying alert to sustainable opportunities and responding to them in time can ensure that a project is successful right from the start.

Last June, the Liverpool project was delivered. With an experienced and well-oiled team, Chane converted and prepared four storage tanks for a leading international client in record time. These are Chane’s first tanks prepared specifically to store this sustainable renewable feedstock.

Sustainable step
The decision to convert the tanks for renewable feedstock was already in full swing, in order to respond to (future) market demand. Chane offers flexibility with these new tanks by also providing a buffer for fluctuations in supply and demand. “At the right time, a suitable customer arrived to deploy the project for,” says Virgil Veira. As Sales Manager Multi-Product Terminals (MPT) at Chane, he is the link between the customer’s desire and seeing opportunities from Chane. In consultation with the customer, further specific modifications were made to tailor the project. For example, when converting and adapting the storage tanks, ship pumps, unloading points and the right insulation were added. “We as a team are very proud of the result,” agrees Ronald Thonissen, Operations Manager MPT. Moreover, the customer has already expressed a desire for more tanks like these. The collaboration seamlessly matches their mission. In order to remain an international player, they are committed to collaborations with parties at strategic locations worldwide.

Virgil Veira, Sales Manager and Ronald Thonissen, Operations Manager at Chane.

“We as Chane can facilitate and secure supply for the production of renewable fuels.”

Supply chain solution with project Liverpool
The project was born out of market demand, to provide partners with an infrastructure to create and store renewable feedstock streams. “We as Chane can facilitate and secure supply for the production of renewable fuels,” adds Virgil. “This way, we support the energy transition and are a key component in the chain,” Thonissen explains. This supply chain solution is an example of how Chane’s service becomes an integral part of renewable fuel production. Virgil adds, “The added value for our customer is that they now have access to UK feedstock to collect and safely store UCO (used cooking oil) in bulk.” Ronald: “The solution provided also offers a means to filter the collected oil, making it easier to process in their factories.” In short, it’s better for the climate and creates a stronger position to achieve strategic goals, Virgil says. And thus, there are also opportunities for Chane to expand new tanks for renewables in Liverpool.

“Working with the highest standards in quality and safety is paramount in everything we do, for our people and customers.”

Expertise and experience
Because of the commitment of the team involved, the whole operation progressed smoothly. “Everyone was immediately excited and motivated by this project,” says Veira. There was a good atmosphere right away, and that did not go unnoticed by the client. Ronald: “The customer has repeatedly expressed being impressed with the team, their commitment and availability.” In addition to Virgil and Ronald, the team consists of Klaas Verburgt Manager HSEQ, Edwin van Noord, Project Manager, and Shaun Davin Terminal Manager Tankstorage Liverpool. With their combined expertise and years of experience, they successfully constructed and delivered the project in record time. Virgil: “We met all the deadlines and stayed on budget.” Looking back on the project, Ronald is especially proud of how the entire operation was executed: “Working with the highest standards in quality and safety is paramount in everything we do, for our people and customers. In addition, this project suits Chane Terminals Liverpool’s vision and strategy exceptionally well. For it to turn out so well, is very promising.”

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