Launch of innovative ‘Truck portal’ ensures transparency and efficiency at terminals

In the constant search for efficiency within logistics processes, Chane is introducing a digital solution: a truck portal that will significantly speed up operations at the terminals. The digital portal will be implemented by the end of the year — under the skilled supervision of Charlie Visser, product owner at Chane. ‘This portal promises a significant reduction in turn around time for trucks.’

The benefits
‘Most lost time is caused by filing in and handling paperwork. We are tackling this with our new digital portal,’ Visser explains. Previously, a lot of time was being wasted explaining procedures and checking documentation at the counter, often in different languages. The new system allows drivers to submit all necessary documentation digitally in advance and, if necessary, book a time slot at the terminal — leading to fewer rejections and a faster flow of trucks. In doing so, they are also catering to customer demand for greater insight. The new portal will be more accessible and provide customers with more insight. They have access to a display mode, and can therefore see the status of their trucks at a glance. For example; the truck is still loading, the truck is finished, or it has been rejected. ‘The complete order summary is also shown to the customer. We notice that there is a real need for this, also this solution reduces the communication moments with the customers in between orders, because relevant information is already visible. We are anticipating a lot of potential issues, this way’, Charlie explains. Similarly, there will be significant time gain for the drivers. The fewer time trucks spend at the terminal, the more customers they can serve in a day.

“We are excited about this step. It is an important milestone in our continuous effort to improve and modernize our processes”

Innovative and accessible
As a product owner, it is up to Charlie to interact with stakeholders and colleagues, and to ensure the right translation for the IT specialists. ‘I have to listen carefully to all their wishes, but also be keen on their feasibility. The digital portal contains many important documents and information that must be approved before one can begin loading and unloading products. The truckers dealing with the portal are on the road a lot, so it is vital that the system is usable on multiple devices. ‘Mobile accessibility is a requirement, so one can always make changes or upload required documents anytime, anywhere,’ Charlie knows.

They work with many international clients and drivers. It is important for inclusiveness and effectiveness that the information available, is there in multiple languages — this reduces communication barriers, and saves time.

Charlie Visser

The challenges and milestones
The project started over a year and a half ago, with thorough research. What is most needed? How do other organizations do this and what are the challenges? These were questions Visser and her team explored. She emphasizes the complexity of involving all stakeholders: ‘It is a challenging task to stay within the scope of Chane and get and keep all stakeholders on the same page.’ With the first release in the last quarter, Charlie’s team is eagerly looking forward to the implementation at CTP and CTB terminal. ‘We are excited about this step. It is an important milestone in our continuous effort to improve and modernize our processes,’ says an enthusiastic Visser. ‘This new system is more than a technological advance; it is a strategic move that will position Chane for future growth and efficiency. ‘With the truck portal, we are taking a big step forward in optimizing our terminals and improving customer satisfaction through transparency and speed. ‘I am pleased that we all see the importance and that I can be part of it’.

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