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Chane’s sustainability report 2023

Chane is proud to release its 2023 sustainability (ESG) report. Our central position in the supply chain comes with a responsibility to help our partners and customers move towards a more sustainable future and to create a more sustainable society ourselves. This report underscores our commitment to sustainability, driven by tangible actions and strategic integration following our significant expansion in 2022 and 2023.


2023 result highlights

Our report details achievements and challenges, providing a straightforward assessment of our performance against specific sustainability targets:

  • Safety performance: We’ve achieved a notable decrease in the Total Recordable Injury Rate (TIR), underscoring our commitment to safety at all operational levels.
  • Environmental impact reduction: Through targeted investments in new technologies, we’ve advanced our efforts to minimize our environmental footprint. These efforts include enhancing energy efficiency across operations and implementing waste reduction strategies.

John Kraakman, CEO of Chane, emphasizes, “In 2023, we continued to make progress towards the targets we set in our Sustainability roadmap 2025. Process safety and the health and safety of our employees have remained our top priorities in everything we do.”


Future commitments

As we progress, our focus remains sharply on delivering practical and impactful innovations:

  • Safety goals: Our goal is to further reduce TIR by 2025, highlighting our ongoing commitment to leading safety standards.
  • Energy transition: We increased our sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production and made further investments in low-carbon products throughout the product and service portfolio, reinforcing our strategic direction towards sustainable energy solutions.


Looking forward, Linking forward

Our goal for the upcoming year is not only to continue what we have started but to accelerate our efforts. “The future looks good and bright for Chane. Guided by our purpose, mission, and core values, we are fully confident that there is a big role for us as a service provider.” As Chane moves forward, our commitment to transparency and measurable sustainability goals is stronger than ever.

Read the full 2023 sustainability report


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