"We strive to rise above logistical challenges"

Chane focuses on the future

The world of oil seeds is becoming increasingly complex and Chane has a crucial and innovative role in this, and commercial manager Edwin Dominicus- van den Berg knows that all too well. 

Dominicus (56) has worked at Chane for seven years and is a connoisseur of the supply chain and has a background in commerce. ‘In my role at Chane, I am responsible for sales and turnover, but what really matters is that I understand the customer and respond to their customer demand’.

Edwin sees Chane’s big role working in the advantage of customers, and therefore also for his own role. ‘Because Chane stands out so strongly because of our in-depth understanding of the Cargo Data Supply Chain – with a particular focus on the handling and processing of soy, palm, sunflower and rape seeds, we can provide appropriate solutions for our various customers’. Chane knows the market, the product and has the right infrastructure. Dominicus emphasises: ‘Our core competence lies in seamlessly connecting the end products with our customers’ needs, delivering an unrivalled service.’

Dominant role

Besides the physical transformation of raw materials – from seeds to flour to oil, the focus is also on the innovative use of logistics and planning. Edwin clarifies: ‘We strive to be above logistical challenges, especially in times of geopolitical uncertainty that can affect the supply of, for example, sunflower oil. It is an ongoing effort to respond efficiently and effectively to such external factors. ‘Chane’ infrastructure, particularly in Pernis, plays a key part in facilitating these operations. ‘Our ideal location for water, rail and road traffic, mean that we can and do play such an active role in the industry,’ explains Edwin.


Optimal tank planning 

Another important component of Chane’s operational expertise is of course, the transport and storage system for liquid products. ‘I conclude many contracts with customer for a period of a year or longer, for the service and storage of tanks. This means that I am in frequent contact with the customer about all kinds of logistical issues that affect our tank planning. I always keep in mind: how can we provide additional storage in the short term?’

This is an important and interesting part, which ensures that Dominicus can guarantee smooth processes.



Transparency, customer satisfaction and traceability go hand in hand. As a result, there is a clear trend in the market that calls for more insights from Chane towards customers. This development helps monitor and guarantee product quality. Being able to track your products for food safety is necessary. Edwin says: ‘We are working hard to improve the customer portals with real-time information and redevelop outdated parts of the terminal to meet today’s requirements’. Dominicus notes: ‘It is vital that we provide our customers with the information and quality they require, which also contributes to our position as an essential link in the supply chain.’


Ready for the future 

Chane’s commitment to quality assurance and traceability, as well as its emphasis on strategic warehousing and responding to specific customer requirements — demonstrate the company’s added value in a competitive industry. Edwin: ‘The industry is constantly evolving, and we at Chane are committed to being at the forefront of these developments’. Edwin hopes to use his knowledge for several more years, to remain an indispensable partner in the vegetable oil storage business, and to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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