Chane Terminal Botlek is involved in the development of

Renewable fuels

Chane facilitates the infrastructure that allows international players to accelerate the energy transition. At Chane Terminal Botlek (KTB), parts of the terminal have been adapted for the storage and transfer of biofuels. As of now, the terminal has almost 600K CBM of biofuels storage.

Operations Manager Luca Bignotti and Business Development Manager Bram van Roermund are working together on this project. Each from within their own discipline.

In the preliminary stage, Bram contacts the customer and brings all the disciplines together. Luca then initiates and supervises the concrete implementation. “Our starting point is to see what it takes to do what the customer wants,” says Bram, “and then doing it safely, on time and within the agreements.” Technically speaking, the situation is this: in mid-January, tank pits one and two, and a new pump manifold, were put into operation at KTB.

“We put together what the customer really needs. We owe that to Chane’s entrepreneurial drive”

From left to right: Luca Bignotti, Operations Manager and Bram van Roermund, Business Development Manager at Chane.


In total 90K CBM of storage capacity was added to the total. It started two years ago. Bram: “We started with the engineering. My role is mainly to work with the customer to progress from an idea to a concrete project. This phase focuses on preparation to commissioning.” And so the lines run from Bram to Luca, from project to operation. “Flexibly thinking along and cooperating with the customer, that’s what we do here,” Luca says. “We put together what the customer really needs. We owe that to Chane’s entrepreneurial drive. We think in terms of opportunities and act accordingly – proactively. Chane always manages to look ahead and surprise customers with new facilities. Facilities that perfectly match Chane’s own ambition.”



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